Career Jigsaw

This set of cards will help your child piece together important information about the career they’re interested in.

Let’s get started

The questions are written for you to ask your child. They will prompt your child to think in more detail about their chosen career and what it involves, and encourage them to find any missing information.

You can use your own experience to help your child with their answers, or use the links and tips provided throughout to help keep the conversation going.

What’s the job you’d most love to do in the future?

What are your reasons for choosing this particular sector or career?

What are the qualifications you need for your chosen career?

If you or your child don’t know the qualifications needed, you can visit the National Careers Service website where they list the skills and qualifications needed for different careers.

Can you list any people you know who have a job that relates to your potential career.

Family, friends, teachers and careers advisors may be able to put you in touch with someone in the relevant field. Once you’ve got a name or two, set a date for when you’ll contact them.

What careers events and activities are taking place at your school or college?

Your child’s school or college’s website will have the latest information, as will a teacher or careers advisor. Make a note of dates for any careers events and encourage your child to go along.

Which teacher, careers leader or career advisor can you have a conversation with about your chosen career?

Write down their name and agree a deadline for your child to speak to them.

What aspects of your chosen career make you feel most excited?

Encourage your child to think about the people and places they’ll experience, the things they’ll do or create, what they’ll produce as a result of their work, or how they’ll make a positive impact on people’s lives.

What aspects of your chosen career do you think will be challenging?

Encourage your child to be honest with themself about any challenges they anticipate and consider everything from working environment to working hours.

Would you like some additional information and resources to support your decision? Click yes to topics either of you would like to follow up on.

  • The education pathways to the career you've discussed
  • What working in this career is like
  • The qualifications needed for the career you've discussed
  • The support available from school or college