Career Planner

This set of cards is designed for parents with children aged 14+ who are taking the next step towards their chosen sector or career.

Let’s get started

The questions are written for you to ask your child. They will help your child confirm they’re making the right decision about their next steps and start to prepare them for applications and interviews.

Section 1:

Deciding on your child’s next steps

Can you describe what your interests and passions are?

What do you enjoy most, in and outside of school or college?

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Think of things like numeracy, digital skills, communication or creative skills.

Can you describe the skills you’ve gained through your interests and experiences?

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Have you gained research, analytical, writing or programming skills for example?

Can you describe the skills you’ve gained in your studies?

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Think about any community work you’ve done, any jobs you’ve had, or other workplace experiences, including traineeships and workplace shadowing.

Can you describe any volunteering or work-related experiences you’ve had that have developed your skills?

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Think in particular about the skills you need for sectors or careers you’re interested in.

Which skills did you gain through your work-related experiences that make you more employable?

Do you have a strong and up to date CV and/or personal statement? Is there anything you could do to improve them?

Have you practised for interviews, including ones that take place on virtual platforms? What else do you need to practise?

Take a moment to think about how you answered this first set of questions about your interests and passions, and how confident you are in your CV and interview preparation. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Who could help you review your answers and make them even better?

Section 2:

Making career decisions

Do you know which sectors you’re interested in?

Do you have an idea of the jobs available in these sectors?

Do you need to find out more about the jobs or sector you’re interested in? Where will you go to find out more?

Are you clear on the qualifications you need to access some of the jobs in these sectors?

Think about your career goal. Are you clear about your education and training options and what you need to be successful at each step?

Do you know how much it will cost you to train for this career and the salary you can achieve? Where can you find out if you don’t know?

Are you confident the career path you’ve decided on is right for you?

Which of the following actions has your child taken?

  • Researched jobs linked to their interests
  • Researched education and training options to get into their career of interest
  • Researched employers in this sector
  • Heard talks from people in this sector
  • Developed work-related experience and skills
  • Written a CV
  • Written a personal statement
  • Practised for interviews, face-to-face and virtual