Talking Futures offers a range of resources and activities to help you develop an effective approach to engaging parents in your careers programme.

Delivering effective parental engagement

Tips and advice on planning engagement activities, how to communicate with parents, engaging with hard-to-reach parents and increasing the visibility of your careers offer.

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SLT careers meeting

A presentation you can use with your institution’s Senior Leadership Team to explore how to embed parental engagement in your careers programme.

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Whole-staff CPD session

A presentation you can use in staff training to upskill colleagues in parental engagement, including a co-creation activity working directly with parents.

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Evaluating your delivery

How to collect and analyse evidence on the effectiveness of your parental engagement activities, for example, through surveys taken before and after events.

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What you can do next

Once you’ve reviewed the materials to help you get started here’s what’s available on the site:

Activities for parents and students

Activity plans for sessions you can run face-to-face or remotely to support parents, and in lessons with students.

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Further information and signposting

Talking Futures content including a film on the important role parents can play in decision making and a searchable directory of external resources about specific options and careers.

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Content for parents

Tools, tips and activities for parents to try at home to build their confidence in holding informed careers conversations with their children.

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Once you have planned how parents will be engaged in your careers programme be sure to make it available on your website. As part of meeting Gatsby Benchmark 1, your whole careers programme should be available for parents to refer to. Find out more in the Gatsby Benchmark Toolkits.