A two-part session to train all staff in parental engagement in careers and to get staff to work with parents directly to find out what they need.

This editable training presentation can be delivered during an INSET or other CPD session to upskill all staff. The session is divided into two parts which can be delivered together or separately – Part 1: Staff only training and Part 2: Working directly with parents. Research shows parental engagement is more impactful when activities are co-created by parents, so this activity offers the opportunity for parents and teachers to work together.

Activity objectives (part 1):

  • To ensure staff have a good understanding of the careers and education options landscape today.
  • To introduce staff to the importance of parental engagement around careers.
  • To ensure staff feel confident talking to parents and students about future options.
  • To secure buy-in from staff in delivering activities.

Activity objectives (part 2):

  • To get parents’ ideas on future parental engagement activities.
  • To help staff understand what parents know and believe about careers and options.
  • To deepen staff and parents’ engagement in the careers programme.


This activity supports the following recommendations for good parental engagement:

  • Combine home and school.
  • Co-create with parents.


  • Part 1 – 45 minutes
  • Part 2 – 60 minutes

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