The Conversation starter game can be used to help you tackle topics as a family, such as talking about strengths and how different skills can lead to different careers. Covering three conversation themes, Skills and Interests, Learning About Careers and Making Choices, work your way through them all to really build your family conversations.

How to use the activity

Simply flick through the questions below and answer them in turn with your child. You can choose to answer all of them in one go or pick a few now and come back to the rest another day. If it’s easier, you can also download the questions and print them out to make notes on.

Your conversations might lead you to talk about topics you need more information on. Your child’s school or college should be able to help with these questions – have a look here at the support they can offer. You can also do more research as a family – start by looking at the Resources for parents page for useful sites that can help.

Download presentation (PDF)