Aimed at families with children aged 14-18, the Pathway planner will help you and your child explore some of the decisions that need to be made when working out what career might be right for them. It covers a range of decisions from whether they would want to travel for work, to thinking about what type of company they would like to work for. All of these are topics you can discuss together to help them consider if they have thought about the decision in enough detail.

How to use the activity

Start by downloading the editable Pathway planner below for your child. Encourage them to go through the statements and tick ‘yes’,‘no’ or ‘I need to think about it more’. Let them know that it is ok for them to answer a lot of them with ‘I need to think about it more’ – many people think about these decisions throughout their careers and may change their minds as they learn more about their options.

If they answer ‘no’ or ‘I need to think about it more’ to any statements, ask them to complete the extra sections to identify how they can get support with those decision areas. They might want to think about how their school or college can help them more or how you and other family/friends could help them explore their decisions.

Whilst you’re doing this activity with your child think about:

  • How you can encourage them to think more about choices that might limit them, for example, they decide that they don’t want to travel for work but the job they want to do is not easily available in your area.
  • How your experiences might be relevant to share with them, for example, what decisions you had to make and whether there is anything you would do differently.

Make sure to regularly spend some time revisiting your child’s answers and continue to discuss their decisions. You could set a timeframe and review the areas they said they needed more time on, to see if they have managed to get support and they are closer to a decision.

There may be events at school or college where it would be useful to take this Pathway planner with you so your child’s teachers and careers team can see where your child needs more support with their future planning – have a look here at the help schools and colleges can offer. To help inform your child’s decisions you can also do more research as a family – start by looking at the Resources for parents page for useful sites that can help.

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