Tips on how to INFLUENCE your teen

As a parent, it may seem like your teen will listen to anyone but you when it comes to advice about their future. But new research reveals that 75% of teenagers believe their parents are one of the biggest influencers in their life – more so than well-known influencers and celebs. In fact, three in five teenagers feel more confident about following their dream career path after speaking to their parents about future job options.   

We’ve worked with Dr Nihara Krause – a multi-award-winning Clinical Psychologist, specialising in teenage and adult mental health – to create top tips for parents looking to INFLUENCE their reluctant teens and engage them in more meaningful and constructive conversations around their future education and career options. 



  • Act with INTENTION Prioritise what needs to be done and be ready to action what you discuss.
  • NURTURE resilience. Provide new ways to manage difficult situations.
  • FAVOUR open mindedness. Try not to shut down ideas.
  • Be open to LEARNING about new opportunities and individual interests but know that you don’t need to have all the answers – it’s about learning together.
  • Listen to what is being communicated and reflect UNDERSTANDING back to show you’ve heard.
  • Be in it together. ENGAGE and be prepared to ask tough questions when necessary.
  • Recognise your influential role. Be NOTABLE and model the behaviour you want your child to see.
  • COMMUNICATE well – speak to your child in a way that they will respond to – and at the right time. When they’re receptive, show you care.
  • EMBARK on a journey to the future together, gradually giving them wings to make their own choices.